Workers Rally Against Unsafe Working Conditions in Poultry Plant

Workers in Central Minnesota demonstrated outside GNP Co. headquarters, calling on the management to address the alleged unsafe working conditions in the company’s poultry plant.

GNP Co. is the maker of Gold’n Plump and Just Bare chicken products.

Several employees revealed that they are not allowed to use the toilet outside of their few designated breaks, even the pregnant women and those with medical conditions such as diabetes. As a result, some workers have soiled themselves just to keep working on the line.

A study found that the speed on the poultry processing lines is making their jobs increasingly unsafe. The workers claimed that the management refused to address their concerns and fired workers who speak out.

While some have already quit because of the conditions, many others cannot because they have few options for employment.

The workers recently made another attempt to meet the management to meet with them and address their concerns, but the office staff would not accept their petition.

GNP announced in November that the company is being sold to Pilgrim’s Pride for $350 million. The workers’ next step will be to send their petition to Pilgrim’s Pride.

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