Woman Eats Chicken Nuggets for Dinner in 24 Years

Louise Newton only ate chicken nuggets and chips for dinner in a span of 24 years. Her strange diet came to an end after an hour of hypnotherapy.

Her diet before the hypnotherapy also included dry cereal for breakfast and plain baguette bread or battered cod and chips for lunch. Her snacks were salt and vinegar crisps, vanilla yoghurt and Dairy Milk chocolate bar.

“As early as I can remember I had a food phobia,” Newton said. “I couldn’t try any new foods as they would make me gag and I’d be really picky about what I ate at home.”

Newton believes her food phobia was triggered by having gastroenteritis when she was six months old. Her parents took her to the doctors, but her phobia food persisted. She avoided eating anywhere but her own home as any other foods would leave her gagging.

In 2014, Louise searched for a cure to her selective eating disorder and went for hypnotherapy. A hypnotherapist named Felix Economakis used hypnosis to cure her phobia.

Part of the treatment involved Newton trying to control a ball with her eyes while Economakis was talking to her. An hour later, Newton got over her food phobia and never looked back.

She can now eat other foods, but she still loves chicken nuggets .

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