Why Cockfight Enthusiasts Prefer Small, Medium, or High Stations

Not only breed matters but also their size. Cockfight enthusiasts have their own station preference of either small, medium or high.

Some of them have tried all of the three but after a while, they would have probably have a pick depending on their character priority.

Small station enthusiasts prefer this size because of their agility, which high station cocks lack of as they are slower and heavier.

High station enthusiasts prefer this as they have longer reach. They don’t see weight as a problem because they will be weigh at first before their fight.

But to equate these two, a medium station is also available. They say that this is the best choice, a balance between height and agility.

The real choice lies within your hands. It is just how you would equate the pros and cons of each station type.

At the end, the best cock is the one with you. So train him hard and be a champion of tomorrow.

Source: http://www.cockerstoday.com/2016/11/small-medium-o-high-station-na-manok.html?m=1




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