Why Chicken is the Best Meat in the World?

Chicken is one of the most famous meats in the world. It is even the less banned meat as far as religion is concerned. That’s why every culture has its own version of chicken meal. A post by 8list.ph iterates how chicken makes the best dish the world has to offer.

 1. It was a huge part of our childhood.

You would have missed out on your childhood if you didn’t come home to fried chicken dinner a handful of times a month. You would have missed out on so much more if you didn’t get excited over that too.

2. It’s versatile.

And there’s no “wrong” way in eating fried chicken. You can do whatever you want with it if it suits your taste. You can dip it in gravy or smother it in ketchup, eat it with rice or as sandwich buns, make it ultra-spicy or keep it as is.

3. It’s good paired with anything.

It’s great with corn muffins, with beer, with milk, anything!

4. It’s easy to cook.

You don’t have to be a 5-star chef to be able to whip up a plateful of fried chicken. All you need is your wet and dry ingredients to coat your piece of chicken, then drop it in the fryer. You can practically do it with your eyes closed! (But don’t ever do that, seriously.)

5. No one fried chicken is the same

Every restaurant that serves chicken takes pride in its all-original recipe, which means you can keep ordering fried chicken and it’ll always be a unique experience every time! From buttermilk chicken, to spicy Buffalo wings, to finger-lickin’ good fried chicken, you’ll never get tired eating chicken.

6. It’s affordable.

It’s affordable when it can be. Its ingredients don’t cost too much, and cooking it doesn’t take too much time and effort.

7. It’s filling without costing too much.

In line with the previous point, fried chicken is an affordable enough meal to have and make, and a decent serving of it is enough to get an average person through the day. You can even get a lot of bang for your buck with just a Php99* fried chicken meal from KFC!

8. It’s the best damn thing ever created for consumption.

It’s just heaven to the mouth. What did we ever do to deserve such a delicious creation?

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