Wendy’s Invests $30M for More Tender Fillets

Wendy’s is investing $30 million to give customers more tender fillets.

Customers recently noticed the toughness of chicken offerings in Wendy’s, describing their texture as rubbery. The company believes the problem lies with their birds.

Business Insider said that the company is working with its suppliers to harvest chickens that are 20 percent smaller. Meaning, the company specifies that suppliers should harvest the birds when they are youngers and not yet too plump.

“By specifying a smaller overall bird size on average we were able to get a better quality fillet,” said Liliana Esposito, the head of communication for Wendy’s.

Gail Venrick, the company’s senior director of protein procurement, also claims that customers actually prefer the meat from smaller chickens.

“They (customers) they rate it as tastier and less tough than meat obtained from larger birds,” Venrick said.

Wendy’s assures that customers will still get the same size of chicken fillet in their sandwiches. The new meat is expected to be served in all Wendy’s branches by the end of the second quarter.

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