UK Egg Sales Continue to Grow

Egg sales in the United Kingdom grew from the previous year for the 10th straight time based on the latest data issued by British Lion eggs.

Retail egg sales in 2016 grew by almost 5 percent or the equivalent of more than 250 million extra eggs. During the 10-year span of continued growth, retail volume sales have grown by 1.5 billion eggs.

The second half of last year is particularly strong for retail sales, growing by 6 percent. Market value also returned in the second half of the year, rising by 6 percent to ensure that egg market value finished almost 3 percent higher than 2015.

Retail sales have been driven by free range with sales up by more than 11 percent (340 million additional eggs), as consumers continue to trade up. Organic eggs also saw a significant growth of 16 percent, although from a very small base.

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