Tupada: Fight at Your Own Risk


Cockfighting is legal and thriving in the Philippines with derbies scheduled daily in many arenas throughout the archipelago.

Cockpit owners pay appropriate taxes to the government. But there are also players who want to take advantage of the loopholes in the law.

This is where tupada comes in. Tupada (small derby or hackfight) usually happens in rural areas. It is scheduled once a week and the operators don’t have a permit.

Tupada is a long-time tradition in the Philippines. It is similar to the cockfights in countries where cockfighting is illegal. But unlike in most of those countries, the participants in tupada in the Philippines are not hiding.

They do it in public places usually with the blessing of local government officials. But authorities occasionally ruin the fun.

Chicken bloodline is not an issue in tupada. Just bring you game fowl and wait for his chance to fight. This presents a great opportunity for those who are new in the sport to learn and at least try the game without shelling out fortunes.

But you should remember that tupada is illegal so fight at your own risk.

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