Tips to Get Quality Game Fowl for Beginners

Good research doesn’t necessarily translate to good choice of game fowl. But it’s not a bad idea to get some pointers before getting one.


It is always better to go to cockpit arenas and watch game fowls fight first hand. The more fights you watch, the more ideas you get on what kind of game fowl you want.

More often than not, it is better to buy from a man who fights his game fowls. That shows you his confidence with them.

Always keep in mind that game fowls for sale are most likely not as good as advertised. Chances are they are not of pure breed as their breeders claim.

So you have to look for certain qualities.

A game fowl that kicks as fast as he can on air, wrestles, chews and fiddles around is not a good fighter. Look for the one that doesn’t exhaust himself in a fight, the one who moves with purpose.

Try to avoid a game fowl that hits with the bottom of his feet and upper leg. That is a “dry heeled” cock, which will never produce good chickens.

If you are getting a game fowl from a breeder farm, do not settle for breeds that cost less. Ask for the best game fowl that a breeder would sell and the best one that he wouldn’t sell. As much as possible, try to negotiate for the best one that is not for sale.

An average beginner usually wants to get large game fowls. That is a mistake. The best game fowls are the small and medium ones. There is more power, activity, vitality, speed and action in a small game fowl than in a large one.

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