Tips in Ulutan Fights

Ulutan fights have drawn many cockfight enthusiasts to become observant and thinker. They have developed skills in matching off their game fowls to a susceptible opponent. 

The first step in winning a game is to matched with a good opponent. You have to know your advantage to others. Cockfight enthusiasts usually make some tactics in dealing with other enthusiasts.

One is that they would tell all negative things about their game fowls to attract weaker game fowls. But these are just all lies. On the cockpit, the game fowl that seems weak would unleash their crop.

Second is that they would spot to the handlers, those who are not dressed neatly are prone to those who think that their game fowl is just an average. Looks really speak for them.

These are just some of their wisest tactics. Be wary of it or play with the system. Good luck with your next fight.

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