Tips in Maintaining Cool Fowls in Dry Season

Dry season is coming so it is best to assume that our chickens would be vulnerable again to heat and other uncomfortable feeling because of the rise of temperature. Here are some tips in maintaing their cool courtesy of

Frozen Treats
Chilled watermelon, tomatoes, and frozen ice treats are great for spoiling your chickens on particularly hot days- keeping them cool, entertained and their tummies full! Try freezing some berries and herbs into ice cubes, or tossing them some delicious chilled watermelon. It will ensure they’re well fed and cool while they forage behind their poultry fencing.

Hydration is Key
Your chickens must always have access to cool, fresh water – especially in summer. Staying well hydrated is the best way for your flock to beat the heat. If they’re looking a little droopy, you can add some electrolytes to their water to help quench their thirst.

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