The Great Cockfight Equalizer

Being a sentenciador is not an easy job. Aside from number of eyes looking at you for every thing you do on the cockpit, it needs an honest heart and expert hands to rightfully judge a fight.

To be a great sentenciador, it needs keen eyes especially during big cockfighting events where game fowls are faster. He should see up to the last peck of the cocks and judge the game fairly to avoid complaints from the spectators. With every fight, his reputation is at hand.

Of course experience makes one a great sentenciador, he should also have fast hands as it is risky to handle game fowls equipped with sharp and long knives. One mistake would surely bleed him to death. His hands are his asset in his job.

But this risky job would give the worthy one big rewards. In fact, some sentenciador are being paid P5,000 per day of derbies and it goes higher depending on how big the event is. Even if it is sketchy to anyone’s eyes, the job is enough to support a family for a living.

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