Tennessee Reports Another Bird Flu Case

Another flock of chickens at a commercial poultry breeding plant in Giles County, Tennessee has tested positive for bird flu.

State and federal laboratories confirmed the presence of the virus after screening the infected flocks.

As a precaution, authorities have placed the area under quarantine. Domesticated poultry within the 6.2 miles radius in the area are also under quarantine and being tested.

“This is why we test and monitor for avian influenza,” State Veterinarian Dr. Charles Hatcher said. “When routine testing showed a problem at this facility, the operators immediately took action and notified our lab. That fast response is critical to stopping the spread of this virus.”

The authorities made it clear that the company hit by the virus this time is not Tyson Foods, which was affected earlier this week and had to euthanize 73,500 chickens in Lincoln County.

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