June 25, 2017

Old Disease Wreaks Havoc on Antibiotic-Free Chickens

An old disease came back to haunt poultry growers after shifting toward chicken grown without antibiotics. “A 1950s disease came back because we were made to […]
June 24, 2017

Poultry Products Overtake Red Meat in NZ Supermarket Sales

Poultry, particularly chicken breast meat, eclipsed mince as the preferred protein in the meat section of supermarkets in New Zealand. Data from the Foodstuffs chain, which […]
June 24, 2017

Mass Production of Chicken Meat

Mass production becomes a common theme among our basic needs as human population continuous to rise. Chicken meat, being one of our favorites, needs to be […]
June 23, 2017

Internet Poultry Product Recalled

A 325,000 pounds of meat and poultry meat and lard are being recalled after discovering loose lid of products by a consumer, which may lead to […]
June 21, 2017

Qatar Seeks Iran’s Help to Import Chicken Eggs

Qatar is facing food shortage after the Persian Gulf region cut its ties economically and politically. Due to this, Qatar is asking the help of Iran […]