Taco Bell Commercial Hits with Racism


Taco Bell’s commercial for its Naked Chicken Chalupa menu has been hit with critics as the commercial aimed to be funny has instead showed racism.

The original video shows a man tossed a Chalupa wrapper to the trash can, but misses it and instead hits a black woman’s baby stroller.

Commenters said on social media that the concept poses some racism and is not anymore acceptable in modern time where equality is being pushed forward.

The company quickly pulled out the original commercial and published an edited version where the man has directly thrown the wrapper into the trash can.

Taco Bell spokesperson said in a statement, “We had no intention of upsetting anyone with this ad and apologize to anyone who was offended. We immediately re-edited the commercial and removed the original version from the air.”

Here is the first version of the commercial:

And the edited version:

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