Rooster Symbolism in Different Cultures, Religions

‘Rooster symbol meanings are all about fanning out with brilliance and showing the world your shimmering facets of personality.’

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Symbolism of Rooster in Ancient Greek

According to ancient Greek, roosters rose to salute the sun every morning with its sincere crow, symbolizing victory over the darkness. Because of this, it wasn’t only the sun that is associated with it, but also Greek Gods Apollo, Zeus, Persephone and Attis.

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On Christian times, there were rumors that a rooster crowed three times times right after Peter betrayed and denied Jesus Christ. Because of that it became a symbol for passion. As such, it became an important symbol that signifies the repentance of the saint and religious vigilance, as well as the resurrection in Christianity. Up until now, Christians still consider the rooster as an emblem of their vigilant watch against misfortune and evil.

Symbolism of Rooster in Chinese Zodiac

For Chinese, the rooster signifies fortune, luck, fidelity, protection as well as arrogance and Image result for symbolism of rooster in chinesebossiness. In Chinese zodiac sign, people born in a year of the rooster are believed to be very
talented and confident about themselves.

They are happiest when surrounded by others and expect others to always listen toImage result for rooster in japanese temple

Symbolism of Rooster in Japanese Zodiac

For Japanese people, although thought to be a very bossy creature, rooster is considered a sacred symbol and  is allowed to run free through the Shinto temples. A rooster’s crow also calls people to pray at dawn among the temples in Japan.

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