Survey Shows Chicken is the Best Meal to Impress your Date

Pay day is coming and it’s time to give ourselves a treat with our hard work. But if you don’t have an idea of what to eat with your love, an app has just recently found out that the perfect food for a first date is a chicken meal.

Forget about the fancy dates, a chicken meal is surely a bang for the buck.

Cautious about the taste of your date, a chicken is the safest meal to order in a restaurant. Partner it with a wine, which 50 percent of the respondents answered in an app survey.

A fried chicken would likely get you a second date following pizza with 15 percent of people’s answer.

In New York City and Los Angeles, most people would prefer a movie or a show for a first date, while in Boston and Chicago, they prefer going to a park.

So grab a fried chicken and ask your crush for a date. Surely, you would get the second date.

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