Study Shows Future Food Consumption Overestimated

Previous research shows that food production must double in 2050 to supply the needs of the growing global population.

However, recent research asserts that only 25 percent to 70 percent of production needed to meet the 2050 food demand.

Doctoral student of agronomy in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences Mitch Hunter said that there is no data that could support the claim that we need to double global crop and animal production including poultry meat for 2050.

Basing on the projections of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and renowned ecologist David Tilman, Mitch Hunter says that only a 26 percent increase from 2014 level is needed.

Dr. Tilman’s projection is set at 100 percent more calories in 2015 from 2005 or a 68 percent increase in 2014.

“Given how much production has increased recently, it is pretty misleading to continue to argue that we need to double our crop output by 2050,” Mr. Hunter said.

Mr. Hunter and his team call for researchers, policymakers, and farmers including crops and poultry farmers to adjust on the new study and make effort to reach these goals.

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