Study Shows Cockfight Enthusiasts are Good Lovers

In a 1974 study, sociology professor William C. Capel of Clemson University and Clifton Bryant of Virginia Polytechnical University shows the characteristics of cockfight enthusiasts.

Called ‘The Clemson Report’, it found out that they are invulnerable to psychological abnormalities and psychotic behavior. This means that cockfighting does not affect the changed behavior.

Including in the report is that they are conservatives, health conscious, law-abiders, and love the outdoor life.

Cockfight enthusiasts are mostly in middle-class and loyal lovers.

To compare it with the cockfight enthusiasts in the Philippines, mostly are lawyers, doctors, blue collars, and especially politicians.

Minus the noisy and dusty cockfight arena, they remain as normal beings seeking entertainment and leisure.

Maybe those who are not in the industry only see the conditions of the arenas but cockfight enthusiasts are good friends and poses a solid friendship bond with each other.

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