Squirrel Stuck in Egg Rescued

Lindsay Garber found a squirrel with its head stuck in an Easter egg in a tree outside Farm Bureau in Salina City, Kansas.

Self-described pet detective Brandon Sokol, an animal control officer with Salina Animal Services, was called to help rescue the squirrel as it tried and failed to pull the plastic blue egg off its head.

Sokol got on the back of a truck and tried to get the squirrel with a catch pole, but the scared squirrel climbed even higher.

Firefighters and a taller ladder were called and they got the squirrel back on the ground.

With the egg still on its head, the squirrel took off and ran into a wall. Sokol caught the squirrel with the pole’s net. The squirrel went berserk inside the net and knocked off the egg on its own.

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