South Korea Lifts Ban on Danish Poultry

The South Korean government lifted its ban on Danish poultry following a visit to South Korea by Denmark’s Food Minister Esben Lunde Larsen.

Larsen had a meeting with his South Korean counterpart Lee Dong-phil in Seoul. The ban lasted for four months.

The Danish government actively worked towards reopening the poultry market and scheduling meetings with ministers of other countries after the International Animal Health Organization declared Denmark free from bird flu on February 22.

“The (poultry) industry in Denmark has lost a lot of money as a result of the bird flu, so now it’s all about winning back the losses and offering the South Korean consumers healthy and safe Danish poultry,” said Larsen.

South Korea is the biggest export market for Danish poultry outside of the European Union. Danish poultry exports to South Korea amounted to 73 million kroner in 2016, down from 91 million kroner in 2015.

“There are great opportunities for Denmark at the moment. South Korea has itself struggled with bird flu and has been forced to put down 33 million birds,” said Larsen.

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