South Africa Imposes Levy on Frozen Poultry Meat from EU


The South African government recently imposed a temporary import levy of 13.9% on frozen poultry meat from the European Union (EU). It will last until July 3, 2017.

Up to October 2016, 17.4 percent of EU’s total export of poultry meat last year went to South Africa.

Poultry organizations in South Africa urged their government to control the amount of importation as American and Brazilian poultry meat are also imported to the country. They asked the South African International Trading Administration Commission to take measures against import.

Dutch exporters have reacted with the imposition of levy as it was put on top of the existing 23.8% import levy on their products. The levy also replaced individual levies for different slaughterhouses.

It won’t harm them though as South Africa has already banned poultry meat from the Netherlands because of the outbreaks of the highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Meanwhile, the European alliance Avec is lobbying against the imposition of levy through the European Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the. The European poultry industry has been denying ‘dumping’ for years, which is the only reason why South Africa can impose duties on poultry meat.

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