Significance of Eggs and Chicks in Easter

Eggs and chicks are often associated with Easter because they were signs of fertility and new life.

They helped early Christians remember the resurrection and having new life through Jesus.

Ancient Persians and Egyptians used eggs to celebrate New Year, coloring and eating them during the festivities. Eastern European countries such as Hungary and Romania painted wooden eggs in lots of different patterns. The patterns often have special names and meanings.

Egg hunts take place during Easter in some countries. Eggs are hidden around a house or garden and children have to find them.

There were also egg rolling races. Eggs are rolled down a hill or slope and the first one to reach the bottom that isn’t broken is the winner. An egg-knocking game is played in lots of countries including France, Germany, Norway and Syria. The game is played with hard boiled eggs and the objective of the game is to hit everyone else’s egg while keeping your own egg unbroken. The last player with a whole egg is declared the winner.

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