Serama Bantam: Smallest Breed of Chicken

Serama Bantam is widely known as the smallest breed of chicken in the world. It is a true bantam, which means this breed has no large counterpart.

Like other true bantams that carry their wings low, Serama can’t tolerate muddy/wet conditions. But being so small makes it better suited to be kept in sheds and outbuildings during bad weather.

This breed originates from Malaysia while the Serama Bantams that we see these days are developed from crosses of Ayam Kapans and Japanese Bantams.

It has inherited from the Japanese Bantam a gene combination that causes 25 percent of chicks to be unable to hatch. That’s why you need to set more eggs when incubating.

Colors have no relation in determining a true Serama Bantam as it can have any color combination.

Serama Bantam has a short back with chest boasting forward. Its head is moved back almost touching its tail while its tail is carried centrally at 90 degrees and doesn’t tilt to one side. The wings of a Serena Bantam are almost touching the ground.

The unique appearance of Serama Bantam makes it popular in the United Kingdom and the Poultry Club of Great Britain eventually standardized the breed in November 2008.

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