Saudi Arabia Bans Transport of Live Poultry

In Riyadh, five bird flu cases were reported that prompted the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture to control the transportation of live poultry to avoid the spread of virus.

Countries like United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, and Bahrain have already issued the ban of poultry imports from Saudi Arabia.

About 3,000 birds were already culled to contain the virus with 813 in Kharj and Dharma, 1,342 in Ahsa, and 800 in Qassim.

The ban is expected to be lifted in two weeks after the poultry farms are disinfected. This was announced by Dr. Abdullah Kadman, member of the board of directors at the Saudi Poultry Producers Association.

Poultry companies have already been advised and warned to comply with the rules to avoid worst case scenarios.

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