Sainsbury’s Introduces Chicken-in-a-Pouch

British supermarket Sainsbury’s is set to sell “touch-free” chicken targeting shoppers who are too scared to handle raw meat.

The second largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom is introducing the plastic packaging that allows queasy cooks to drop meat straight into the pan.

Sainsbury’s chicken-in-a-pouch goes on sale on May 3. The plastic pouches known as “doypacks” in the packaging industry are made to encourage home cooking.

Experts at the store and in the poultry business noticed that the young ones were nervous about cooking and worried about catching food poisoning. One shopper even admitted to spraying her chicken with Dettol first before cooking it.

“Customers, particularly younger ones, are quite scared of touching raw meat. These bags allow people, especially those who are time-poor, to just ‘rip and tip’ the meat straight into the frying pan without touching it,” said Katherine Hall, product development manager for meat, fish and poultry at Sainsbury’s.

Hall said much of the anxiety about raw chicken came from a lack of education.

“A lot of younger people are eating out in restaurants but they are not preparing as much food in their home. If they are not used to it, they may think, ‘Ugh! I’d prefer someone else to do it for me,” she said.

Data showed Roast-in-the-Bag chickens have been popular with shoppers. According to Ruth Mason, chief food chain adviser at the National Farmers’ Union, it was because consumers didn’t have to “touch a raw bird.”

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