Roy Jones Jr. Denies Rumor on Raising Game Fowls

Roy Jones Jr. has speak up on the viral photos of him housing roosters, which is suspected to be used in cockfighting, but said that the birds are used as part of the workout of other boxers.

He said that the rumors are false and made it clear that he stopped being involved with cockfighting in 2008.

Roy Jones Jr. said that he still enjoys cockfighting but had to stop as it was outlawed in Louisiana, which is the last state in the United States to declare it as an illegal sport in 2008.

On the plan of moving to other country where the sport is legal, he said that he’s too busy training other boxers.

He said that he is not forcing the game fowls to fight and clarified that it is part of their nature to fight other cocks.

“Most cockfight enthusiasts love their birds like their own children,” he said.

Maybe for him, the cocks are enough to do the boxing for him.

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  1. Will says:

    Greatly spoken and appreciated, you cannot make a rooster fight. It’s their own free will

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