Restaurant in Mexico to Switch to 100% Cage-Free Egg Supply

In their commitment to sustainability and animal welfare in poultry industry, 100% Natural Restaurant is switching to 100% cage-free eggs by 2020 in partnership with Humane Society International.


Sabina García, corporate policy and project manager of HSI Farm Animals in Mexico, stated: “We applaud socially responsible companies like 100% Natural for joining the global cage-free movement, by adopting a cage-free egg policy, and we invite other food companies to do the same.”

She added, “We look forward to working with 100% Natural and other companies to ensure the success of their cage-free policy. As more companies join this movement, we get closer to bringing an end to the use of cruel battery cages in egg production in Mexico.”

100% Natural director of operations, Robin Ledesma pointed out the company’s goal, “At 100% Natural we have always characterized ourselves as being leaders and innovators with a commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption, which includes animal welfare within our supply chain. Switching to cage-free eggs is a very important step and a priority for us.”

Recently, news has been waving that poultry and food companies around the world are now making steps to cage-free eggs. Companies include Sodexo and Compass Group, the largest food service providers in the world, Alsea, the largest restaurant operator in Latin America, and Burger King, Arcos Dorados, Grupo Bimbo, Grupo Toks and CMR.

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