Repeatedly Hatching Eggs

Hens can live by themselves without the rooster. At least for some time. However, while they lay eggs continously, the challenge is with hatching them. Here are some questions answered by the Daily Nation. 

How can I develop a serial program for hatching eggs using broody hens?

Identify five hens or ducks that start laying eggs within a span of one month or so and follow the steps highlighted in the table below.

What gaps do you see in poultry field extension services?

A good consultancy in any field should focus on solving a problem that the beneficiaries really care about and are willing to pay for the answers.

Although technical aspects of animal husbandry practices like disease control and vaccination, feeding, book keeping or developing business plans are important, they are not the game changer.

From a business perspective, it’s the other external enablers of production such as competition, high cost of inputs, weak networks, ill-defined market outlets, unfavourable government policies, unproductive workforce, lifelong learning and unrelenting fortitude that will help to turn a business idea into profits.

As the Chinese say, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I always advocate for ‘structured networking’ as one strategy to address these external factors that enable smallholder farmers to move their ventures from survivalist entities to thriving small-and-medium-sized-enterprises

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