Renowned Poultry Farmer Kills Self

A teacher in Africa has been found dead in a poultry house in Africa in a rope tied around her neck. This happened after she found out that 30 of her chickens were stole by thieves.

Ms. Ruth Muga also works as a primary school teacher. She is a passionate farmer according to her relative and her neighbors.

“She was so passionate about poultry farming which was one of her main source of income besides teaching,” said Ms Mary Akinyi, a resident.

Of the 30 stole, only seven chickens were left in the poultry farm.

Ms. Muga has shown symptoms of depression days after the incident.

“The husband repeatedly talked to her to forget about the stolen chicken but she appeared depressed,” added the worker who wished not to be named.

Police will start to probe the incident and will seek evidences of the cause of the suicide.

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