Raising Kienyeji Birds

A question floats on the internet regarding raising Kienyeji birds. Here’s an answer courtesy of the Daily Nation.

I’m interested in measurements of a chicken pen for 100 improved Kienyeji birds. Second, is there any risk of spreading diseases when guard dogs are kept close to chickens? Last, does mixing aloe vera in drinking water increase egg production and quality of chicken meat?

First, for layers and Kienyeji chickens, aim for two square foot per bird (30x30cm or 90 square cm per bird floor area).

A coop measuring 90x90cm, thus, houses a maximum of nine chickens.  For broiler chickens, aim for one square foot per bird.

Second, the only risk I’ve encountered with dogs is fleas if you don’t clean the dogs every week. Last, I don’t have much experience with Aloe vera but claims about benefits of any herbal remedies need to be tested and verified using scientific methods.

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