Quality of Water Equates to Game Fowl Performance

Water is the cheapest and most overlooked nutrient you can give to your game fowl. It is also the most important!


Fresh water helps your game fowl to digest food properly, regulate body temperature and carry out the biochemical processes that keep him kicking.

There is approximately 2.75 pounds of water in a 5-pound game fowl so it plays a huge role in their performance in the pit.

While game fowls and chickens in general have unique ability to tolerate poor quality water, it’s better to provide them with fresh and clean one to avoid exposure to germs. This will let them use their energy to fight off other potentially harmful bacteria and viruses and help them develop strong and flexible feathers, muscle, bone and body system.

Avoid using chlorinated water when you are conditioning your game fowl because chlorine is a strong chemical. If your source of water is treated with chemicals, you should know some easy ways to remove them.

One trick is to leave your water container uncovered overnight to let most of the chlorine evaporate. In case you don’t know, chlorine changes into gas quickly. Another trick is to use an activated carbon water filter, which is widely available, inexpensive and very effective in removing a variety of chemicals.

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