Purebred or Pure Lie?

When someone tells you that his game fowl is purebred, he’s either lying or doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

There’s a universal belief that no game fowl is pure. Game fowl breeds crisscrossed continents, ages and races.

Most breeders will tell you with conviction that there are no pure game fowls. All the game fowls that we have today are products of crossbreeding and game fowls of long ago were also crosses of even earlier game fowls.

Breeders cross bloodlines all the time, and even those who are known to have their own breeds of game fowls do cross chickens most of the time. Even in maintaining bloodlines, breeders are known to breed in new blood if only to perk up a floundering bloodline.

But game fowls can be pure for one, two or three characteristics. Breeders maintain those characteristics through inbreeding.

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