This is a continuation of a seven-part series that we started during the World Cockfighters Day.

Lesson Eleven:

Progeny Testing. Another reason to pedigree is the process known as “Progeny Testing.” By testing your fowl’s ability, you will find the value of your breeding stock by the quality of their offspring. If a certain individual produces great offspring, breed it as much as possible. However, if a certain individual produces a not good enough offspring, avoid breeding that individual again.

Lesson Twelve:

Culling. To make your breeding plan a complete success, you’ll need to be very selective. Only keep your best offspring, and cull the rest. How much you will need to cull will all depend on the quality of the offspring that you have produced. To meet your goals, you may have to cull so much that you’d be better off to scrap the entire flock and start over again. It is in your best interest to cull birds that are in bad health and are below your quality line. You need to cull ruthlessly. Developing game fowl to meet your goals is a matter of BREEDING AND CULLING. It’s almost that simple! When culling out birds, don’t just visually inspect the birds. Manually examine each individual for skeletal irregularities or outright deformities. In all cases, cull in favor of disease resistance, body size, good temperament and extreme gameness.

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