Prevention Still the Best Medicine

Any illness or disease can affect the performance of our game fowls. There are many medical treatments available these days, but prevention is still the best medicine.

In addition, various studies show that antibiotics not only kill pathogenic organisms, but also weaken organisms that are beneficial to the body.

That’s why a game fowl owner’s mantra should be: avoid disease at all cost.

One of the most potent weapons we have against diseases is the installation. Providing the birds with the ideal place to live is extremely essential. You have to place the scraper correctly so that it can give shade to your game fowl when the sun is up and also shelter him on cold nights.

It is also important to have a wall that prevents air stream. It will protect the game fowl from the low temperature at night and from the abrupt changes of temperature in the morning.

When the night falls, all water should be removed from the watering holes so that your game fowl wouldn’t drink cold water in the morning.

Also, don’t leave any unconsumed food from the feeders. This will prevent other birds from coming down and infecting your game fowl with a disease.

If your game fowl still catches an illness, it is better to consult a veterinarian to know the right medicine to use. Remember, a bad treatment is worse than the disease itself.

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