Predictions for 2017 Based on Chinese Zodiac

As we welcome 2017, let’s get a picture of how the year will shape up for us based on the Chinese zodiac.

It won’t be official until the Chinese New Year on January 28, but 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. The rooster is the 10th animal sign in a 12-year cycle in the Chinese zodiac. The recent Years of the Rooster include 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, and 2005.

According to the Chinese astrology, the year of your sign is your most unlucky year. So those who were born in Year of the Rooster should be more cautious in 2017.

Experts say that people born on Year of the Rooster should be careful with:

  • Color red
  • Numbers 1, 3 and 9
  • East direction
  • The third, ninth and 12th Chinese lunar months

But they are lucky with:

  • Numbers 5, 7 and 8
  • On the fourth and 26th day of any Chinese lunar month
  • Colors gold, brown and yellow
  • Gladiola and cockscomb flowers
  • South and southeast directions
  • The second, fifth, and 11th Chinese lunar months

The following are the general predictions of zodiac experts for people born under other animal signs:


Lucky colors: Black, blue, white, and neutral colors

Best months: April, June and January

On wealth: Focus on your business

Career: Promotion, recognition and added benefits could be given to you by your boss

Health: Stay away from stress to avoid getting sick

Relationship: married couples will be happier, good year to get married.


Lucky colors: Yellow, green and red

Best months: March, April, December and January

On wealth: Be cautious with decisions with regard to wealth management as this is not your lucky year

Career: Not a good year to change your job

Health: Exercise and have good diet to avoid stress

Relationship: Single men would be in love but need to take care to avoid heart breaks


Lucky colors: Green, pink, rose

Best months: January, March, April, May and December

On wealth: Work on your system in business for added wealth and connections

Career: Good year for your career, just avoid office politics

Health: Choose your diet and avoid stress

Relationship: Singles will finally find their true love; those who are in a relationship will have a rough year


Lucky colors: Red, yellow and orange

Best months: July, August and September

On wealth: Financial aspect will be stable but put extra care in transactions

Career: Expect work benefits but not promotion

Health: Avoid negative thinking and emotions; good health is expected whole year round

Relationship: Singles are advised to build connections; those who are in a relationship should avoid quarrelling


Lucky colors: Yellow, white and silver

Best months: May, July and September

On wealth: Expect new opportunities in business and investment

Career: Expect promotion and recognition at work but avoid confrontation with your workmates and competition

Health: Be careful in traveling to avoid accidents

Relationship: Singles will enter a relationship with a friend; those in a relationship should avoid quarrelling


Lucky colors: Black, light blue and pastel

Best months: May, June and August

On wealth: Take extra care in dealing with your wealth

Career: Promotion or recognition might be given; avoid starting an argument with your officemates

Health: Avoid anxiety and depression

Relationship: Women should avoid arguing


Lucky colors: Orange, brown and golden yellow

Best months: February, March, May, November and December

On wealth: 2017 is a lucky year in your business; expect increase revenue and be positive with your decisions

Career: More connections will be on hand; don’t think too much

Health: Avoid stress to avoid frustrations and depressions; take care of your heart, lungs and stomach

Relationship: Singles should be open to find a serious relationship; this is also a lucky year for couples


Lucky colors: Light Blue, silver, white and purple

Best months: February, March, November and December

On wealth: Be wise in investing; ask for advice before making a decision

Career: Avoid misunderstanding to avoid losing motivation at work

Health: Might experience headache, respiratory disease and stomachache; emotion and mental stress could lead to hypertension

Relationship: Communication is the key to avoid heart breaks; give time for your family


Lucky colors: Dark blue and green

Best months: May, June and August

On wealth: Be careful in investing; don’t easily trust to avoid being scammed

Career: Work will be more stable than your business; avoid confrontation; you’ll need to pursue more for promotion and recognition

Health: Take extra care with your stomach and gastro system; be alert to avoid accidents

Relationship: Give time to your family to avoid quarrels; don’t be hot-headed to avoid hurting others


Lucky colors: Red, green and purple

Best months: May, August, September and October

On wealth: A competitive year for you; business projects are coming your way; avoid traitors at work

Career: Expect promotion or recognition; avoid confrontation and fight at work

Health: You could be sick from stress; take care of your stomach and kidney, most especially women

Relationship: Singles should make friends; couples should stay away from fights


Lucky colors: Light green, pink and brown

Best months: May, September and October

On wealth: Good year to invest and do business

Career: Avoid multi-tasking and this will lead you to your goal; this will give you more chance to get recognition or promotion at work

Health: Be health conscious; take care of your stomach, heart and kidneys

Relationship: You would give luck to your family; those who are expecting a child could be lucky this year; women should control their emotions

Of course, these are just random predictions. We can use them as guides, but ultimately we make our own fate in life. Happy New Year from your PSSC family!

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