Poultry Farm Siting Questioned by Residents

Residents of Kumawu in the Ashanti Region of Ghana questioned the decision of Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry Robert Ahomka-Lindsay to site a poultry farm in an area designated as residential only and without proper land assessment.

The initial owners of the land say they were never served notice on the project and are yet to be compensated.

“We weren’t told of anything, we’ve been farming here for a long time. We’ve been chasing them for compensation but to no avail,” lamented one of the aggrieved residents.

They also think the poultry farm can pose danger to public health.

“We aren’t against development. Even if it’s a site for government projects there should be a proper assessment. Whatever scale it’s built it’s going to have an effect on people; the waste [and] the smell. How are you going to deal with them, what if there’s outbreak of a disease,” said another resident.

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