Piñol Seeks P100M Fund to Help Poultry Industry Recover

Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol asked President Rodrigo Durterte for the provision of a P100-million fund to help Pampanga’s poultry farm industry bounce back from the millions it lost due to bird flu.

Part of the fund will be loaned to poultry farm owners and displaced farm workers, who were affected by the outbreak.

“In every crisis there is a window of opportunity,” Piñol said, stressing there are alternative measures on how to provide a living to poultry farmers until they can resume their business.

Piñol vowed to put an end to the crisis and provide support to help the poultry industry in Pampanga recover. “The President assures the people that this administration will go out of its way to extend assistance,” he said.

The Depart of Agriculture is eyeing to turn poultry farms into fruit and vegetable farmhouse using greenhouse effect technology and to turn unwanted manure into organic fertilizer.

It also issued a directive to create bio-security teams all over the country to inspect every poultry and livestock farm. This will ensure strict compliance and protocols needed in a food production area.

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