Philippines Offers Poultry Products to South Korea

Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol on Tuesday (February 21) met with Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister of South Korea, Kim Jae-soo in Seoul.

It will be a quick visit as Piñol needs to fly back on Wednesday (February 22) to attend domestic agricultural affairs.

The South Korean trip is a result of the initial efforts by the Department of Agriculture to offer to South Korea dressed chicken, ducks and eggs following the outbreak of bird flu there that resulted to the culling of over 30 million birds.

According to Piñol, poultry farmers in the Philippines were excited with the prospect of exporting their products to South Korea, including dressed ducks and eggs.

The export of yellow corn to South Korea will also be discussed as the country is expected to post a bumper harvest of yellow corn this year. Should South Korea buy yellow corn from the Philippines, this will be the first time, the country will be exporting yellow corn.

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