Peruvian: The Big Got Smaller But Power Still Resides

Peruvian game fowls are getting the spotlight in cockfighting. Some cockfight enthusiasts aims to have at least one Peruvian for their big fight.

Their popularity is brought by them being multiple shufflers and heavily attackers. One has to be careful to handle them most especially when they are equipped with knives as you could suffer severe wounds when they suddenly kick.

However, Peruvian usually weigh three to six kilograms and could not always be used in fights, especially if there is a weight limit.

Although there is still no derby organized exclusive for Peruvian game fowls, they could be crossbred with Western game fowls to make them smaller without losing their power.

One prominent cockfight enthusiast for crossbreeding a Peruvian to Western game fowls is Vic Lacsao. He became a champion of Bakbakan 2012 using a crossbred game fowl.

Crossbreeding them is not the ultimate solution to join cockfights in the country. Some just breed them for export to other ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The word Peruvian came from the country of Peru, hence the breed. It was first developed for cockfighting during the 16th century and a crossbred of jungle fowl, Asil, Shamo, Sumatra, Old English, and American fowl.

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