Performance Matters in Breeding Game Fowls

Breeders have different preferences. They can choose the breed based on performance, beauty, body conformation, size, color or bloodline.

Performance matters most when you breed cocks with championship aspirations in derbies.

Some prefer using winners or producer of winners as brood materials. Others are breeding based on famous names their brood fowls were tagged with when they purchased them.

In view of those lines of thinking, it is important to keep breeding and performance records to have a successful breeding program.

When you are using so many brood cocks and brood hens, keep track which ones are top producer of winners.

Here are some of the things to consider when you keep breeding and performance records:

  • Propagate more of the winners and eliminate the losing bloodlines and crosses based solely on performance records and without a trace of emotional attachment
  • Use your analytical mind to decipher all your breeding and performance records and go through the many pages you had it logged in a ledger or notebook and come up with your computations and conclusion
  • Consistently update which brood cocks and brood hens are your top producers
  • Consistently update which crosses are producing your highest winning percentage

Doing it manually can be tedious and you would have to make sure that your ledger or notebook is kept safe because it may be the only copy you have. It would be better to use a spreadsheet program in a desktop or laptop.

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