Over Half-Million Birds Culled in Japan

Around 540,000 birds was culled in the central Japan prefecture of Niigata as the country continued to fight the bird flu outbreak.


The prefectural government culled 230,000 chickens at a farm in Joetsu following a similar procedure for 310,000 chickens at a farm in the village of Sekikawa.

The completed the culling on Sunday (December 4).

Authorities restricted the transport of chickens and eggs within a 10-kilometer radius of each poultry farm hit by the outbreak although four farms in Sekikawa and two in Joetsu have already resumed shipment of eggs and other products after passing inspection tests in accordance with Japan’s epidemic prevention rules.

Meanwhile, a culling operation for all 4,720 ducks raised at a farm in Aomori City was completed on Saturday (December 3). Around 18,000 ducks were culled earlier in a nearby farm after getting hit by the h5 strain of the bird flu virus.

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