Organic Egg Farm Uses Laser to Combat Bird Flu

Orchard Eggs, an organic egg farm based in West Sussex, England, has set up a novel method of protecting its hens from bird flu.

Using the latest laser technology from Dutch company Bird Control Group, Orchard Eggs scare off wild migratory birds and prevent them from mixing with the their chickens.

The British government recently extended the avian influenza prevention zone to April 2017 and raised the biosecurity requirements poultry farmers must adhere to if they want to keep their birds outdoors.

Orchard Eggs found the perfect solution in the new laser technology, allowing their hens to roam freely across 50 acres of orchards. The chickens also have access to moveable houses within the grounds when they need it.

According to the developers, the principle of repelling birds with a laser beam is inspired by nature. The wild birds think the approaching laser beam is a physical object, thus they go into survival mode and fly away.

The automated laser is an innovative method of repelling unwanted birds without causing harm to the wild birds, the chickens and the surrounding environment. It is silent and shows effectiveness of at least 90% in bird dispersal at farms.

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