Organia to Revive Tanzania’s Poultry Industry

Kibaha Education Center was once the site of Tanzania’s leading poultry operation, supplying chicks to local families, farmers and businesses and producing 1.5 million day-old chicks per year.


But serious poultry epidemic forced it shut down operations five years ago.

Now, leading Tanzanian poultry and agriculture specialist Organia plans to redevelop Kibaha and make it the country’s leading supplier of day-old chicks again.

Just recently, Organia tapped Pas Reform as its partner to oversee the ambitious economic regeneration project.

Organia’s plans will see Kibaha grow in phases over the next five years and have 16 percent share of Tanzania’s poultry market with a production of 16 million chicks per year by 2021.

The initial phase includes a complete overhaul of the existing operation facilities, with new breeder and broiler sites, a feed mill, processing and a new hatchery designed by Pas Reform.

The project’s launch phase has already created more than 100 local jobs, which is expected to grow to more than 500 by 2021.

Additionally, the hatchery presents opportunities for small-scale poultry keeping in the area. The hatchery was designed with future expansion in mind. First phase setting has a capacity of 153,000 eggs per week while Phase 2 has 230,000 per week capacity. There is also a possibility of doubling that capacity in the future.

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