Opinion: Cockfighting Linked with Murder, Agree or Not?

There is a strange feeling for those who are not into cockfighting. Somehow it is in their system the prejudices that is associated with the sport. We couldn’t blame them as outsiders would tend to discredit the industry.

For those into the sport, they would cite culture, nature of the game fowls, and non-brutality of it compared to raising poultry.

In this series, we would want your opinion on things associated with cockfighting.

The following is an excerpt from Animals 24-7, which discusses the criminal tendencies with cockfighting. Read the following and share us your thoughts below.

Indeed, by itself, the Coleman killing was old news. But in context it was part of a syndrome: no other common human use or abuse of animals appears to be more closely associated with homicide than cockfighting. Not slaughter, not vivisection, not hunting and trapping, not even dogfighting, though crime data also links all of these activities to elevated murder rates––or, in the case of vivisection, to the relatively rare instance of murders committed by people of high educational status.

The open question in all such linkages is whether one set of facts has anything to do with the other. Correlation does not prove causation, as every grade school science student should realize upon becoming aware that the bell ringing to end a classroom period does not necessarily end the teacher’s explanation of the homework assignment.

Perhaps activities involving killing animals lower the inhibitions of the participants against killing in any context.

Perhaps involvement in activities such as hunting merely means that the participants tend to have quicker access than most other people to firearms, the most common instruments used in homicide.

And of course certain activities are more likely than others to attract the involvement of young men, especially the “unaffiliated males of lower socio-economic status,” as sociologists describe them, who are statistically most likely to become either murderers or murder victims.

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