Older People Prefer Flavorsome Eggs

Study suggests that sharing new and more flavorsome egg recipes could be a simple way to encourage older adults to consume more protein and support good health.

Dietary protein has an important impact on health, physical functioning and muscle mass. It has also been hinted that older adults need more dietary protein than younger adults.

The PhD study, part-sponsored by the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC), is being undertaken at Bournemouth University’s Research Centre for Behaviour Change, under the supervision of Professor Katherine Appleton.

“Compared to other protein rich foods, eggs are easy to cook, of long shelf life, and low cost; so they may be of help in increasing protein intake in older adults,” said lead researcher Emmy van den Heuvel.

The study abstract being presented to the Nutrition Society in July is trying to investigate the impact of sharing new and more flavorsome egg recipes on egg intakes.

According to van den Heuvel, the questionnaire results showed that older adults who eat more eggs reported that they think eggs taste good and add variety to the diet.

“We believe that adding flavor and more variety may encourage intakes in those who consume fewer eggs,” van den Heuvel said.

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