Off-Colored Game Fowls Can Fool Opponents

Game fowls with bright colors are considered by many as superior fighters compared to their off-colored counterparts.

But off-colored chickens are not patsies. Some of the most successful off-colored game fowls are the Zamboanga White of Boy Primallion and Dom of GenGen Arayata that helped him win the World Slasher Cup. The Dom that came from Arayata also made Ronnie Magbalon and Ralph Daigo derby champions.

One blogger also noted that off-colored game fowls are not immediately attacked during cockfights as they are identified by their opponents as hens. The moment of confusion can spell the difference between victory and defeat in cockfights.

To get that advantage, some breeders crossbreed their premiere breeds to off-colored chickens. The products of this crossbreeding are called feathered warriors or gladiators. They have all the qualities of a superb fighting cock and the inherent cover of an off-colored cock. Wise game fowls are the only ones who could distinguish them immediately during a fight.

Still, there are breeders who don’t like to use off-colored game fowls in competitive derbies as they don’t think they are built for fighting. But they are doing something to neutralize the advantage of off-colored game fowls such as putting off-colored game fowl on their farms.

That way, their game fowls will get familiar with their off-colored counterparts and avoid confusion in case they come across an off-colored one in the cockpit.

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