None Arrested in Cockfighting Ring Bust

Not a single arrest has been made nearly two weeks after authorities recovered more than 7,000 birds in a raid on a large ranch in California.

More than 100 law enforcement personnel converged on the rural 80 acre Val Verde ranch on May 15 to bust up what is considered to be the largest cockfighting ring in the United States.

There were rumors that the operation might be tied to a cartel because there were individuals with suspected cartel ties present in the area during the raid.

The birds and other items seized as part of the investigation have an estimated value of up to $10.5 million.

Dead birds with cockfighting injuries were also found in the property, as well as “slasher” weapons that are strapped to a rooster’s claw during fights.

The birds recovered during the raid will not be made available for adoption.

Officials from the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control said they must all be put down because of their aggression.

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