Newcastle Disease Found in Romania

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed reports that there were three Newcastle disease outbreaks found in Romania. The outbreaks took place in Fratesti, Giurgiu and Mihaiesti, Arges.

A total of 39 backyard birds were reported showing signs of the disease in Fratesti, Giurgiu. Eight died while the remaining 31 were slaughtered.

In Mihaiesti, Arges, 22 birds were reported showing signs of the disease – 15 died and the other seven were destroyed. Another farm in Mihaiesti also reported that 38 birds died of the disease.

In total, 99 birds showed signs of the disease, 61 of which died and the 38 others were slaughtered.

The WHO has been implementing measures in a bid to contain the disease, including movement control inside the country, disinfection and disinfestation, traceability, stamping out, control of wildlife reservoirs, zoning and vaccination if a vaccine exists.

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