More Bird Flu Outbreaks Reported in Europe

Multiple new outbreaks of the dreaded bird flu were reported in different countries around Europe, including the first case of the disease in the United Kingdom.


Hungary alone has reported 24 new outbreaks, mostly hitting duck farms in the southern Bacs-Kiskun region. More than 150,000 birds were affected by the recent outbreaks.

The past week also saw France reporting 15 outbreaks of the highly pathogenic version of the disease and two low pathogenic version of the disease. More than 52,000 birds were killed because of the outbreaks there.

In Germany, more than 29,000 turkeys and 10,000 ducks were culled because of three new outbreaks in different parts of the country.

Two commercial farms were reported as infected in the Netherlands, leading to the death of nearly 14,000 birds on a duck fattening farm in Overijssel and more than 28,000 birds on a layer farn in Friesland.

Poland reported two H5N8 outbreaks on the opposite eastern side of the country, resulting to the death of 36,000 birds.

There were also new reported cases of bird flu in Serbia, Ukraine, Romania and Russia.

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