Monique: The Sailor Chicken

Meet Monique, an ordinary chicken who leads an extraordinary life.

She used to be a typical chicken roaming around the streets of Canary Islands before her owner, Guirec Soudée, found her.

Soudée brought Monique along to sail with him around the world. She lays an egg regularly to help provide food for her owner along the way. Monique proved wrong the notion that hens don’t lay eggs while at sea.

But she’s more than just an egg-provider.

Monique feels right at home in the vast ocean. She walked around the boat like a pro, caught flying fish that landed on deck and held herself steady in rough waters.

She has become Soudée’s fishing companion and surfing buddy. Her surfing experience helped her learn skateboarding when they’re on dry land.

Soudée and Monique are in the west coast of Greenland until the middle of July and will then cross the Arctic Ocean to join the Pacific by the famous North West Passage.

Monique may just be the only sailing, surfing, skateboarding chicken in the world, raising the bar for birds and showing that sky is not the limit for them.

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